Use Case – Empties Networks

Analyze and Optimize Empties Networks

A medium-sized company returns empty load carriers (containers, packaging) from the production plants back to the supplier. The company wants to achieve a cost efficient balance for the supply and demand of load carriers. This presents a particular challenge. Discover here how XCargo can help to master such challenges.

The challenges:

  • Different kinds of load carriers (containers, packaging)
  • Many different ways in which containers, packaging, and so on, move through the network.
  • The flows of containers and packaging mutually influence one another.
  • Consolidation by cross-docking is helpful.
  • Restrictive capacities at hubs.
  • Unsteady load carrier availability at plants.


The solution: Here’s how we do it:

  • Evaluate the as-is situation.
  • Determine a realistic cost structure that takes effects of scale through consolidation into account.
  • Optional: A green field analysis can find the best number and places of cross-docking points (XCargo location planning).
  • Use our flexible optimization module that is easy to configure to simulate the supply chain you need to plan.
  • Optimize empties flows through the existing network or through a network planned using green field analysis (XCargo network optimization).
  • Calculate various scenarios (e.g., changing capacities at hubs).
  • Automatic presentation in maps and charts.
  • Take changing quantities into account through regular excess planning.

Customer Benefits

  • No more bottlenecks.
  • Successfully prevent supply gaps.
  • Reduce logistics costs drastically.
  • Planning lets you act instead of react.
  • Eliminate costly ad hoc reactions.

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