Matrix Designer

Basing Freight Rates on Sound Calculation

Logistically plausible freight rate matrixes can hardly be worked out on a blank page and can rarely be derived accurately from previous rate examples. The key to success is precise calculation, whether you need a rate for bidding for a specific customer, a more general house freight rate, or realistic cost information for planning shipments.

Use your own real shipping and cost structures to generate freight matrixes that reflect your true costs! 




  • The detailed calculation and evaluation of discounts and mark-ups on shipments optimizes freight rate definition.
  • Individual matrixes that include weight and distance classes, zones, and other cost parameters.
  • The calculation of absolute cost rates per shipment or relative cost rates per quantity unit, for example, per 100 kg, per pallet, per loading meter, etc.
  • Optimizes total costs across all freight rate classes, taking degression and margins into account.

New Functions

XCargo now has an additional module called Matrix Designer for calculating freight rates. Matrix Designer replaces its predecessor, the Matrix Estimator, and offers a variety of new functions:

  • Comprehensive, targeted analysis functions.
  • Changes may be made manually to individual values in the matrix and then smoothed automatically to conform to adjacent rates.
  • Quick profit assessment supported by colored analysis results.