Location Planning

Reduce Costs and Improve Service by Optimizing Location Choices

Optimally aligned locations are extremely important for efficient logistics networks. XCargo helps you analyze and optimize your location structures.

The software module uses real shipping volumes to calculate the most cost-efficient number of locations and where they should be, while taking capacity constraints into account.



  • Determines the best places for the best number of locations.
  • Minimizes transport and storage costs.
  • Accounts for location capacities.
  • Calculates transportation costs using integrated EWS or Map&Guide distance databases, national location costs, and diminishing cost functions.
  • Accommodates your preferences for potential and permanent locations.
  • Optimizes transport times or distances.
  • Uses integrated maps and distance databases to plan locations around the world.

New Functions for Version 5.0:

  • Real cost matrixes are used to model transport and storage costs.
  • Constraints on service degrees can be customized to meet your needs (e.g., 95% of your customers must be within a two-hour radius of a location).
  • The menu bar has been redesigned for easier use.