Version history

New features, improvements, bugfixes

  • [XCargo] Switched link for updateing to https
  • [SCS Interface] Compatibility with SCS 2.6
  • [Location] Improved location
  • [MatrixDesigner] Fixed delta values for relative matrice
  • [XCargo] Switched link for updateing to https
  • [SCS Interface] Compatibility with SCS 2.6
  • [Location] Improved location
  • [MatrixDesigner] Fixed delta values for relative matrices
  • [XCargo] Display adjustment for changed resolution settings
  • [SCS interface] Compatible with SCS 2.5
  • [SCS Interface] Error fixed when loading settings if registered servers do not exist
  • [Distance calculation] The correct input address is returned in case of location errors in the Dima structure
  • [General] Problems with Windows user names with special characters fixed
  • [Map] Bug fixed for USA area display
  • [MatrixDesigner] Bug fixed for result delta calculation with relative matrices
  • [Route Planning] Missing result columns added for tours with only one stop
  • [Route planning] Bug fixed when using the option “Symetric Distance calculation”
  • [Distance calculation] Error fixed for calculation error with GFT and leading 0
  • [Distance calculation] Error fixed for calculation error with GFT
  • [Emissions] Data updated
  • [Distance calculation] Improved road-level geocoding
  • [Terms of Condition] Bugfix for calendar week function
  • [Tour Planning] Performance improvements
  • [Tour Planning] Calculation of open tours optimized
  • [Distance calculation] Error fixed when locating with Map & Guide and missing zip code
  • [Distance calculation] Error fixed when editing user defined distance calcualtions
  • [General] Improved detection of the operating system
  • [Astag] Added support for 2017
  • [Location Planning] Error fixed for chart generation when settings were exported at the same time
  • [SCSPerformance optimization
  • [Distance calculation] Fixed problems to find the distance details with the NAFTA map
  • [Tour Planning] Erroneous rounding of the values in the results analysis was fixed
  • [Tour Planning] Erroneous rounding of the values in the results analysis was fixed
  • [Matrix Designer] Problem fixed for marking the result with connected cells
  • [Route Planning] Error fixed for chart creation on English operating systems
  • [Route Planning] Error fixed when using vehicles with their own  distance data
  • [SCS] Improved compatibility with current SCS version
  • [XCargo] German help updated
  • [XCargo] English help updated
  • [XCargo] English translation updated
  • [XCargoFrench translation updated
  • [Functions] New return possibility at XC_removal 7 and 8 for the output of the traversed countries
  • [Net flow] Missing axis labeling added to the result diagrams
  • [Distance Calculation] Fixed bug when adding location to an existing Dima
  • [New Module] Space optimization
  • [New Module] SCS interface
  • [Map] Up-to-date map data for 2017
  • [LegalConsideration of relevant legislative changes for 2017
  • [Vehicles] Updated vehicle categories
  • [Toll] New toll roades included in the calculations
  • [Toll] Updated toll costs – all routes, all rates
  • [Usability] Improved user experience
  • [XCargo] English translation updated
  • [XCargo] French translation updated
  • [Location Planning] Calculation on XY coordinates now always returns the input coordinates in the result
  • [Distance Calculation] Fixed bug when adding location to an existing Dima
  • [XCargo] Improved integration with 64Bit Excel
  • [Distance Calculation] Error fixed when applying a country lock to a distance matrix
  • [Matrix Designer] Error message for empty column values fixed
  • [Location Planning] Fixed quantity calculation for area sheet
  • [Location Planning] Error fixed when providing empty postal codes on input data
  • [System] Changelog Menu now opens the matching language website
  • [Location Planning] French translation / template adapted
  • [Map] Your own map symbols will now be transferred to the map via memory
  • [Rule Set] Missing column names added to the results
  • [Geocoding Engine] Country location improved
  • [Route Planning] Calculation will only be executed, if not all vehicle costs are 0.0
  • [Location Planning] Error message when resetting settings fixed
  • [Geocoding Engines] Optimzed import/export of geocoding engines
  • [Formula] Added missing deviation for result type 13 and 14 of XC_GEOCODE
  • [Rule Set] Column index from Datadict also included when importing or exporting
  • [Geocoding Engines] Parallel call of XC_DISTANCE improved
  • [Licencing] Safenet Update LDK 7.5
  • [Location Planning] An error message is returned for empty plant or customer tables
  • [Geocoding] Errors in calculating distances with Astag has been fixed
  • [Route Planning] The maximum time available to calculate the tour selection can be specified in the options
  • [Route Planning] Improvement of the optimization process when multiple vehicle types are used per customer
  • [Map] Missing refresh after creating user-defined MAG geocoding engine added (Selection of speed profile)
  • [Geocoding] New region search logic for locations in france implemented
  • [Location Planning] Region data will be returned consistently including ISO2 country code
  • [Distance CalculationMap language of user defined MAG5 geocoding engine can be specified using vehicle code, ISO2, ISO3 or country name
  • [Map] Region template update (Luxemburg added)
  • [Route PlanningSolved problem visualizing open pick-up routes results
  • [Route Planning] Improved process for optimizing vehicle utilization
  • [Route Planning] Improved progress bar accuracy
  • [Route Planning] Improved process for selecting best possible vehicle type
  • [Map] Data smoothing for isochrone visualization
  • [Distance CalculationPossibility to block countries for route planning in user defined Map&Guide geocode engines
  • [Dima] Possibility to block countries for route planning in user defined Dima geocode engines
  • [Location PlanningAlternative cost funtion for an improved assignment
  • [Functions] XC_Location_XY now also with Dima connected available
  • [Map] New africa map available
  • [Route Planning] Not scheduled customers are displayed within an additional table
  • [MapFixed the problem when visualizing routes at street level
  • [Distance Calculation] Fixed the problem regarding routes to and through Belgium
  • [Distance CalculationMapServer Update to version
  • [Dima] Incorrect connections could be copied to clipboard using the geocoding engine dialog
  • [Map data] Up-to-date map data for 2016
  • [Shipment Generation] Automatic shipment generating
  • [Compatibility] Compatible with Windows 10 and Excel 2016
  • [User InterfaceImproved user experience, for example by using new icons
  • [Performance] Performance enhancement, for example by using multithreading when planning routes
  • [TemplatesNew versatile templates
  • [Others] Consideration of relevant legislative changes for 2016
  • [Others] New toll roades included in the calculations
  • [Others] Updated vehicle categories
  • [Others] Updated toll costs
  • [OthersContext-sensitive cell assistant